About the Blog

Liber et Scientia is the personal blog space of Dr. Travis J. Bernardo.

A little about myself and why I started this blog:

I’m a scientist by training, with a master’s and doctorate in molecular biology. Between my doctoral work and a postdoctoral stint I spent nearly ten years studying the genetics and epigenetics of Drosophila melanogaster (i.e., the fruit fly). I’m now a full-time medical writer, and in my spare time a wannabe science writer.  (The details of my academic background are sitting over at tjbernardo.wordpress.com.)

Although I spent most of my career toiling at a lab bench, I’ve always had a deep interest in politics. Initially an admirer of socialist philosophy, I eventually came around to the libertarian/classical liberal ethos. I firmly believe that political systems rooted in constitutionalism, federalism, and capitalism offer the greatest possibility to preserve individual free choice, while still accommodating evolving cultural norms and allowing scientific advancement to thrive.

Having been steeped in the scientific method I’m an inherent skeptic, continually re-evaluating assumptions and trying my best to rely on empirical evidence. Like other scientists, I’m concerned by the lack of scientific knowledge held by many political figures and by the public at large. In contrast to the conventional wisdom often residing in academia, however, I don’t see political liberalism as the inevitable outcome of scientific literacy. Scientific misunderstanding cuts across the political spectrum.

The dual exposure to science and libertarian political thought has produced an unusual assortment of views, sometimes seemingly contradictory (and other times actually so). I started the blog mostly as my own playground to explore science in the context of the American political conversation.

I also hope to provide a thoughtful and unique perspective to those who believe in the value of the scientific process and all that it offers to a free society.

– Travis J. Bernardo, Ph.D.

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