Liber Et Scientia – science, policy, politics

Wecome to the “launch” of Liber Et Scientia, my nascent little corner of the science blogosphere.

I know what you’re thinking: this is precisely the right time in history for a science blog. Where else can I possibly go online to find news content on matters of scientific import? Yes, yes—try to contain your exuberance.

For a long time now, I’ve held dual interests in science and politics. Science, because I spent ten (long) years getting heavily-degreed as a molecular biologist. Politics because, well—as a self-confessed nerd, I just find politics to be so incredibly interesting. (It’s my substitute for sports, I suppose.)

Of course, the political process is incredibly important, and so while it can be pretty dismaying at times it’s worth paying close attention to. For a scientist doubly so, since science routinely finds itself embroiled in politics. In broad strokes, that’s where where I see this blog headed: as a place where I get to poke and prod at the tangled web of science, policy, and (mostly American) politics.

Why Liber Et Scientia? I’ll let you be the judge. If my writing is any good it should become self-evident in the posts to come.

(Or, you can visit my About page if you just can’t stand the suspense.)

There’s an amazing selection of well-written, insightful, and entertaining venues covering science across the web. So my experiment in miniature may turn out to be just an exercise in self-indulgence. Well then, so be it: indulge I shall!


– Travis J. Bernardo, Ph.D.

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